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Discover Bodrum with Lujo Hotel’s new sea plane
The Coolest Way to Discover the Surroundings Always aiming to create unforgettable memories for its guests, Lujo Hotel Bodrum adds a sea plane to its transfer options to add even more “Art and Joy” to ordinary experiences. Now Lujo guests can choose from the already existing helicopter, motor yacht, catamaran, VIP transfer cars – or the newly added sea plane to get around town or visit places like the Yalikavak
Fed/Powell testimony: Relationship between bond yields and QE
Investors have raised concerns about increased bond yields in recent weeks. Today, all ears will be given to Fed Chairman Powell, especially with the 10-year rates increasing. Investors are waiting for any hint of QE reduction.   The main theme is the rise in the US 10 year bond yields… Well, if we look at what has been underlying the developments in the bond market recently; Increase in long-term
Fitch affirms Turkey’s credit rating, outlook raised to “stable”
Fitch upgraded Turkey's credit rating to "BB-" and affirmed the rating outlook as "negative" from "stable" raised. Agency, expects Turkey’s inflation to decline to 11% of in 2021 and is expecting GDP growth of 5.7%. While the general expectation in the Foreks survey was that there would be no change in the grade and outlook, the 4 institutions including us, predicted to increase the outlook from negative to stable
CBRT prefers to wait, inflation risks are monitored for now
The Central Bank preferred to hold the interest rates in the second meeting in a row in the 4th MPC meeting after the period when it adopted the Orthodox monetary policy perspective and kept the policy rate at 17%. For the Central Bank, which prefers to monitor the increasing inflation risks and upward divergence risks for now, the additional tightening option still remains on the table.   Although it
CBRT could be proactive against inflation, a possibility of a rate hike is not excluded
The commitment of the Central Bank to tight monetary policy, the emphasis on price stability and the perception that has turned positive with the process of economic management starting from the change is the summary of the recent policy course. With the implementation of orthodox monetary policies, the Central Bank, which makes a direct monetary tightening to combat inflation, has put the emphasis on policy continuity for the disinflation process
CBRT Survey of Expectations: The year-end inflation expectation for 2021 at 11.23%
Looking at the short-term inflation expectations; February inflation is expected to be 0.78%, March inflation 0.86% and April inflation 1.08%. If inflation increases in line with the expectations in these months, annual inflation in February, March and April will be 15.46%, 15.80% and 16.05%, respectively.   The possibility of an upward deviation in inflation has increased due to the recent realizations and past
Turkey: Current account balance posts a deficit for 14th consecutive month in December
In December, the current account balance in Turkey, gave USD 3.21 billion deficit. While the monthly current account deficit was realized slightly below the market expectations of 3.70 billion USD and our expectations of 4 billion USD, it increased from the level of 2.74 billion USD in the same period of the previous year. On an annual basis, the highest current account deficit after 2017 was posted
2020 yılında yüzde 22 büyüme elde etti
Bulut Veri Yönetimi sağlayan yedekleme çözümlerinin lider şirketi Veeam® Software, 2020 yılı sonuçlarını açıkladı.  2020 yılına, 9 Ocak’ta duyurusu yapılan 5 milyar dolarlık işlemle Insight Partners bünyesine geçerek giriş yapan Veeam, yıl boyunca tüm Pazar segmentlerinde büyümesini sürdürdü. Veeam, 2020 yılının son çeyreğinde Kubernetes Yedekleme ve Felaket Kurtama’da pazar lideri olan Kasten'i satın alarak yılı tamamladı.   Veeam Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı ve CEO’su William H. Largent konuyla ilgili şu değerlendirmeyi yaptı:
Turkey: Unemployment rate at 12.9% in November
In October, the unemployment rate in Turkey was realized as 12.9% compared to the same month last year’s 13.3%, with a decrease of 0.4 points. When compared to the previous month, it is seen that the unadjusted unemployment rate increased by 0.2 points. Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was announced as 12.9%, decreasing by 0.3 compared to the same month of the previous year and
Logitech ve Bilkom yeni bir işbirliğine imza attı
Geliştirdiği yenilikçi teknolojiler ve inovatif ürünleriyle dikkat çeken Logitech, dünyanın en değerli teknoloji markalarını tüketiciyle buluşturan Bilkom ile yeni bir işbirliğine imza attı. Satış kanallarının çeşitlenmesi noktasında yapılan işbirliği kapsamında, Logitech‘in Apple uyumlu klavye, mouse, klavye&mouse setleri, sunum cihazları, webcamleri, kulaklıkları ve tablet aksesuarları Bilkom güvencesiyle Apple Premium Reseller kanalına ait mağazalardan ve Apple için organize edilmiş diğer kanallar üzerinden satışa sunulacak. Logitech Türkiye, Batı ve Orta Asya Ülkeleri Direktörü Mustafa UYAR
Turkey: Inflation reaches 15%, above expectations, in January
Turkey’s consumer prices showed an increase of 1.68% in January, while annual inflation was realized as 14.97%. Our expectation was for a monthly inflation of 1.40% and annual inflation of 14.65%. While the effects of past exchange rate increases on prices continued, it was observed that inflation increased to 15% band for the 4th consecutive month in January.   If we look at the sub-items
The case of UN Security Council and Cyprus
The presence of UN Peacekeeping Force of Cyprus did not seek consent to be on the island, which is against UN’s own rules. The matter will be bought to the attention of the international community. Furthermore, the UN Secretary General Guterres did not refer to any settlement model but rather the mutually acceptable settlement on his Good Office Mission report dated 8 January 2021. Bi-communal federation ‘s pre-judgement of settlements
Importance of ROS1 fusion clinical trials
ROS1 fusion clinical trials research targeted treatments for the ROS1 gene mutation in cancers, which is present in several cancer types, such as non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), lymphoma, colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, and more. The ROS1 gene is responsible for cell growth and signaling, so mutation can cause overproduction of cells. ROS1 fusion clinical trials are important because those patients affected by these cancers with the
CBRT points to long-term disinflation with a medium-term perspective
At the 1st Inflation Report meeting of the year, the CBRT did not change its year-end inflation expectation and repeated it as 9.4%. While the year-end food inflation forecast was increased from 10.5% to 11.5%; the Bank set its 2022 food inflation forecast as 7%. The Central Bank predicts the 2021 average Brent oil price as 54.4 USD. In the previous forecast period, the oil price
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